Monday, February 18, 2013

A Collection of Funny Moments, Take 2

As my study abroad journey reaches the month and a half point (I can hardly believe it), here is another recap of the hilarious, uncomfortable, and memorable moments that our broken spanish get us into ...

1. Urged by host mom for weeks to adventure down Calle Navas to go tapa-hopping (the Spanish version of a bar crawl), myself and 5 other willing BC friends sat down for a botella de vino blanco, some free calamari tapitas, y good conversation. While all three of those things happened, we were also visited by none other than ... ELVIS PRESLEY! Needless to say, it was a great night.

2. In that same night, we also learned a Spanish line dance! Though I could not recreate the steps if my life depended on it, a very nice Spaniard tried her hardest to instruct us! 

3. This weekend I experienced the Once-in-a-Lifetime lunacy that is CARNAVAL! While I cannot even begin to summarize the absurdity that occured (details for a later post!), trust me that it was an incredible night that I am not sure I could have experienced anywhere else but Spain. For just a little taste of what my 24 hrs of Carnaval included, here is a photo of my oh so flattering costume and a link to an incredible accurate depiction of what Cadiz was like this weekend. 

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