Monday, January 21, 2013

Bullfighting and Scenic Walks in Rrrrronda

As a group, the GRIIS program recently went on our first excursion outside of Granada. The trip to Rondo was originally scheduled for Saturday, January 19 but because of ridiculously high wind and rain warnings, the trip was postponed until Sunday. Because just about everything in Granada closes on Sundays, I was okay with heading out of town.

The bus ride was through the gorgeous countryside of southern Spain. Even though we were driving on the highway for over two hours, it was genuinely stunning (as is almost everything in Spain). 

Ronda is, without question, the most scenic place we have been to thus far in our travels. Although the Alhambra has not been dethroned as my favorite place in Granada, the lush, green mountains of Ronda offered a view that cannot be found in our bustling city (although the Sierra Nevadas offer a nice alternative!). 

Rather than put words to a view that cannot be explained, here are some photos of our travels!

These views were incredible! Everywhere you looked was green hills, flowing rivers, and luckily, sunshine! 

In addition to all of the wonderful views that Ronda had to offer, we actually got to go inside a Bull Fighting arena, one of the first in Southern Spain! 

Hasta Luego! 

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