Thursday, January 10, 2013

And Now I Know (Ahora, yo lo sé)

After living in Spain for the past few days, my roommate and I have developed a bit of a motto -- and now I know. There are so many times that we try, and fail, to communicate what we are trying to say that our first few days here have been some of the most informative in my life.

Here's a quick sample of our "Ahora, yo lo sé" moments ...

  1. Shoes must be worn inside and every family needs a pair of zapatillos de casa, aka slippers.
  2. When eating dinner, both hands must be visible above the table (I challenge everyone to try this, its very hard).
  3. Justin Beiber es un loser according to my hermanito, Jaime
  4. Spaniards don't order their coffee para llevar (to-go) and us Americans stick out like sore thumbs when we are walking around with coffee cups.
  5. Cars and motorcycles DO NOT yield to pedestrians.
  6. If you need to buy a hairdryer and an air conditioner, you only need to go to one store. 
  7. Graphing paper is more common than regular lined paper and all notebooks in España are at least two inches taller than in the US. 
If you are ever living and traveling in Spain, heed these words of wisdom and be sure to bring your slippers and keep an eye out for speeding motos.

In addition to being an incredible informative few days, my first week here has been full of new friends and tapas adventures. Here are a few photos of the wonderful BC students I will be spending the next 5 months with! (Alex, Titi, Diane, Kate, Jonny, y Bridget) 

During our first "paseo" or walk through Granada we stopped in front of the City Hall. 

 This is a photo of Titi, Alex, Jonny, and Diane in front of the Cathedral. 

This is a photo of Kate, me and Diane ordering our first "copas de vino" en Granada. 

I promise we do more than order tapas and walk around, though. Tomorrow we are going to the Capilla Real and the Cathedral and I promise to post our beautiful site seeing pictures after that! 

Hasta luego! 

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  1. yay!!! I'm so excited you are settled in! Can't wait to read this like crazy! I can just picture you and bridge laughing and learning and having just a ton of fun! <3